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Certified Testing Opportunity - Overview

Thank you for your interest in becoming a certified tester. Below, you will find all the information you will need to determine if this opportunity meets your needs. In brief, the Center will be seeking Independent Contractors for specific geographic areas in which you will perform SPORT SPECIFIC tests. Initially. we are seeking testers for baseball and/or softball players. We believe we have created a dynamic business opportunity with an outstanding commission structure for motiviated, personable sports enthusiasts. The Center's success, and by extension, the promotion of our athletes' skills, is in direct relation to the quality of our certified independent testers.


Once a Distributor is accepted he or she will be called to discuss their exclusive geographic territory that will be assigned. We want to provide the appropriate mix of territory size to maximize the income potential yet ensure that the greatest number of athletes get tested. Please be aware that there is a significant initial start-up cost for testers to purchase the testing equipment.

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